Julian Bell is a painter living in Lewes, Sussex. Besides painting, he writes about art for various magazines and has also written several books including What is Painting? Representation and Modern Art (1999) and Mirror of the World: A New History of Art (2007).

PAINTINGS TO DATE      Paintings of Julian's owned by collectors are grouped here under the categories Land and Road; Room and Window; He, She, They; Sky, Wall, Earth and Stories. All Julian's unsold work up to March 2014 was destroyed when the building housing his studio caught fire on the 29th of that month. (For details of this, see Julian's article When fire claims a lifetime's work - The Guardian.) The work that was destroyed is shown under the category Ex-paintings.

FORTHCOMING      Julian's new exhibition is Genesis: a series of paintings based on the first book of the Bible.The show is at St Anne's Galleries, Lewes, from 20 June to 5 July 2015. The paintings will be collected in an artist's book, in an edition of 300. Pre-orders and sales enquiries should be addressed to St Anne's Galleries.

Julian's new biography of the most legendary of modern artists, Vincent van Gogh: A Power Seething, was published in the USA by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in January 2015. It has been enthusiastically reviewed:

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