3 April 2014.

On Saturday 29 March my studio was totally destroyed by an accidental fire that consumed the building I occupied. The result is that very many of the images on this website now exist only in the form in which you see them. No-one was hurt, but all my working projects and decades of sketches are now smoke.

The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away: so be it. I am buying new brushes and starting again. But I would take this opportunity to make an open request to all owners of paintings of mine who are not in regular contact with me. Could they please email me with a simple note of what pictures they have, so that I can establish what is left of my work to date.

Julian Bell

Julian Bell is a painter and writer based in Lewes, East Sussex. His books include What is Painting? Representation and Modern Art (1999) and Mirror of the World: A New History of Art (2007). His paintings are shown here under five headings, namely Land and Road; Room and Window; He, She, They; Sky, Wall, Earth and Short Stories.

As a painter, Julian Bell is represented by St Anne's Galleries, 111 High Street, Lewes, BN7 1XY. A selection of his work can be viewed there. Please address enquiries to sok@stannesgalleries.com.

Julian Bell, Joseph Wright and Britain's
Titian triumph – the week in art

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Julian Bell will be showing new work in the Summer Show at St Anne's Galleries, opening 29 June 2013.

His next solo exhibition will be at St Anne's Galleries in May 2014.

Swanborough Coomb [c: 30 x 45] 1995

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